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Reliable Cash Offer • Flexible Close Date • No Repair Work or Showings • As-Is Condition Accepted

Sell Your Home in 2 Weeks!*

On average, Chicago home sale takes 4 months…we don’t.

As Chicago’s dedicated hassle-free home buyer, once an agreement is reached on an offer, we head to the closing table. It is that simple!

No need to search and interview real estate agents, tidy up or make needed repairs, show the house to countless buyers or anything else!

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Our process is summarized in four steps:

Schedule a Virtual or
In-Person Offer Consultation
Receive a 100% Cash Offer
5-Day Property
Due Diligence Period

Once you submit the form, you can expect one of our experts to reach out within 48 hours. We first discuss your home and how we can help. Once we learn a little more about your situation and property, we present a written, cash offer for your home. Next, we coordinate a physical property inspection to verify the condition of the property and finalize the offer. Then, we head to the closing table. This is about as straight-forward you can get when selling your home.

We Purchase Any Home, Any Condition

We are focused on purchasing residential properties. Whether that is a single family home, a traditional Chicago brownstone or expansive courtyard building, we have been a trusted buyer in hundreds of transactions. Every offer we place is cash and qualified with a proof-of-funds.

What We Buy



Large Residential Properties

SellHouseChicago is an accredited buyer of residential real estate. This means that we are an experienced and professional buyer who you can trust to close. We have the capability to purchase any residential real estate. From single-family homes to 2-flats, 3-flats, 4-flats and more!

Areas of Expertise

The team at SellHouseChicago understand there are many tricky situations that involve selling real estate. No matter the situation, our team approaches every sale from a position of respect and mutual understanding.

Unwanted Rental Property or Difficult Tenants


Quick Move/Relocation

Probate or Inherited Property

These are common situations we help solve.

We’re Experts Who Care

We are licensed professionals who are passionate about what they do and the communities in which we operate. We believe that each conversation, transaction and relationship requires an element of care and we’ve built our company and process around this philosophy. 

Work with a licensed real estate professional.

Supported by a fully-integrated real estate organization.

We won’t leave you hangin’ – No matter the situation, we’ll still help you sell it!

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